Poker rules that you need to know about

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The whole game is played for the sole purpose of earning easy money. The lucky ones, the experienced ones and those who get away with cheating end up rich people. There have been many incidences where poker players have become millionaires overnight. Even though this is a mode of making easy money with correct moves and cleverness, many people have become paupers.

They bet with large amounts of money hoping to win through the game. However, people do not get lucky always and they end up empty handed at the end of the game. Poker games may also result in clashes and very often violence due to misunderstanding between the players. Even then, people try their luck in the game. Many versions of poker game exist. Some of them are five card draw poker, stud poker and community poker.

Poker rules are those, which are to be strictly followed when they are played. However, like any other card game these rules are often flexible. In a five-card draw poker game, there is a standard deck of 52 cards and the cards are ranked according to a fixed order. The object of the game is to get the highest valued hand. In poker hand, ranking the rarest hand is the one, which is the most available one. The other standard poker rules are then followed with the proceedings of the game. In yet another form of poker game called limit poker, there is a maximum of a bet and four raises. The maximum bet is a fixed one and is the limit. Similarly, there is a lower betting limit.

Just as the rules in poker, there are fixed rules for another type of poker called strip poker game. In this game, instead of putting money, the players start removing their clothes one by one as the game proceeds. The winners are then decided according to the number of clothes the players have, at the end of the game. The rules in this game are flexible. It is just that the players have to start the game wearing equal number of clothing and remove them one by one, as the game proceeds. Five draw games are the ones which are played most often in strip poker games.

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